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(1769 - 1846)

Ensign Charles Ewart, born in Kilmarnock in 1769, enlisted in the Cavalry of the Royal North British Dragoons at the age of twenty, fighting in the French Revolutionary Wars to emerge as a Sergeant. For the next twenty years he would become a much respected soldier.

It was at the battle of Waterloo when he served as part of Wellington’s Union Brigade that he achieved his greatest victory. During a skirmish with the 1st battalion of the 45th and several instances of hand to hand combat, Ewart acquired the eagle of the French Infantry and took it to safety at the rear of the line.

Only two French Eagles were captured during the campaign of Waterloo, both by the Union Brigade. As a result of this Ewart was hailed a hero and given the commision as an Ensign in the 5th Veteran Battalion in 1816.

When this Unit disbanded in 1821 he left the army, retiring on the full pay of an Ensign. He died in 1846, and his grave which lay covered and forgotten, was moved to the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle in 1938.



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