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Thomas Connery was born in Edinburgh in 1930, and leaving school at 13, occupied a variety of jobs from bricklayer and milkman to model and body-builder. His career path started when he joined the chorus line in a West End production of South Pacific in 1951.

The first big break came in 1962 when he was cast as James Bond in the film Dr No. Although paid a mere £15,000 for this work (an established actor of the time may have cost £1,000,000), he became strongly identified with the persona of his suave and sophisticated character.

He continued to star as 007 throughout the sixties, though appeared in other films such as The Man Who Would Be King, and Marnie.

After leaving the role of James Bond he diversified into a greater range of parts, winning a BAFTA for The Name of the Rose and an Oscar for The Untouchables in the same year, 1987.

His enduring popularity has made him arguably the most famous living Scotsman, though fame, wealth and adoring fans (who voted him 'World's Sexiest Man' in recent years) have never led him too far from his geographical roots and principled, often patriotic philosophy.


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