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Kenneth I 843 to 858. He was the First King of Alba -
the united kingdom of Picts and Scots
Donald I 858 to 862. Brother of Kenneth I
Constantine I 863 to 877 Son of Kenneth I. Killed in battle
Aed 877 to 878 Son of Kenneth I
Giric 878 to 889 Son of Donald I. Deposed
Echaid 878 to 889 Grandson of Kenneth 1 in female line
Donald II 889 to 900 Son of Constatine I. Killed
Constantine II 900 to 943 Son of Aed. Abdicated & entered monastery.
died c. 952
Malcolm I 943 to 954 Son of Donald II. Killed in battle
Indulf 954 to 962 Son of Constatine II.
Added Edinburgh to Kingdom of Alba
Dubh 962 to 967 Son of Malcolm I
Culen 967 to 971 Son of Indulf
Kenneth II 971 to 995 Brother of Dubh. Murdered
Constantine III 995 to 997 Son of Culen.
Killed by Kenneth III
Kenneth III 997 to 1005 Son of Dubh.
Killed by Malcolm II
Malcolm II 1005 to 1034 Son of Kenneth II. Added Lothian and Strathclyde to Alba
Duncan I 1034 to 1040 Grandson of Malcolm II in female line.
Killed by Macbeth
Macbeth 1040 to 1057 Grandson of Malcolm II. Killed by Malcolm III
Lulach 1057 to 1058 Stepson of Macbeth. Killed by Malcolm III
Malcom III 1058 to 1093 "Canmore". Son of Duncan I. Died in battle
Donald III 1093 to 1094 "Donald Bane II. Son of Duncan I.
Deposed by Duncan II
Duncan II 1094 to 1094 Son of Malcolm III.
Killed by Donald III
Duncall III (Restored) 1094 to 1097 Deposed by Edgar. Died C. 1100
Edgar 1097 to 1107 Son of Malcolm III
Alexander I 1107 to 1124 Son of Malcolm III. No legitimate heirs
David I 1124 to 1153 Son of Malcolm III
Malcolm IV 1153 to 1165 "The Maiden". Grandson of David I.
Died unmarried
William I 1165 to 1214 "William the Lion". Grandson of David I
Alexander ll 1214 to 1249 Son of William I
Alexander III 1249 to 1286 Son ofAlexander II. Killed in accident
Margaret 1286 to 1290 "Maid of Norway". Granddaughter of
Alexander III. Died while travelling to Scotland
Interregnum Competition for Crown Adjudicated by Edward I of England
John 1292 to 1296 Great-great-great-grandson of David I.
Deposed 1296.


Edward I governs Scotland directly

Robert I 1306 to 1329 "The Bruce". Seizes throne.
Great-great-great-great-grandson of David l
David II 1329 to 1371 Son of Robert I. Died without heir
Robert II 1371 to 1390 House of Stewart.
Grandson of Robert I in female line
Robert III 1390 to 1406 Baptismal name John. Crowned as Robert III.
Son of Robert II
James I 1406 to 1437 Son of Robert III. Murdered by Atholl conspiracy.
James II 1437 to 1460 Son of James l. Killed by exploding cannon.
James Ill 1460 to 1488 Son of James II. Killed at Battle of Sauchieburn
James IV 1488 to 1513 Son of James III. Killed at Battle of Flodden
James V 1513 to 1542 Son of James lV. Donald III (Restored)
Mary 1542 to 1567 Daughter of James V Abdicated 1567.
Executed by Elizabeth of England 1587
James VI 1567 to 1625 Son of Mary by marriage to Darnley.
Succeeded to English throne 1603
through descent from Henry VII
Charles I 1625 to 1649 Son of James VI. Executed
Charles II 1649 to 1685 Son of Charles I. Crowned at Scone 1651.
In exile 1651-1660
James VII 1685 to 1689 Son of Charles II.
Deposed by Convention of Estates, 4 April 1689
William II 1689 to 1702 Grandson of Charles I
Mary II 1689 to 1694 Daughter of James VII
Anne 1702 to 1707 Daughter of James VII.
On 1st April 1707 the Union of Parliaments
extinguished the Kingdoms of Scotland and
England replacing them with the new United
Kingdom of Great Britain. Queen Anne died
in 1714 and was succeeded by George I of
the House of Hanover - the great grandson of
James VI by the female line



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